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“Litigation” is admittedly a catchall word. Everything inside a courtroom is litigation. However, what happens in court is only the tip of the spear. Before you see the inside of a courtroom we must take depositions, discovery, retain experts, identify witnesses, write briefs, and all number of actions that are necessary to even start – successfully – a trial.

You can have the smartest attorney in the world, but if they do not know how to litigate, you will loose.  Litigation includes both the skill of getting a case ready and knowing the law, and the ability to persuasively present your case to a jury. Litigation is a skill set not all lawyers have. It is the ability to present any subject matter to a jury. That is our skill set.  In fact, we are so adept at it both Shellie and Dan have taught litigation classes at University of Washington School of Law and  Seattle University School of Law.

We do not write wills, prepare divorce paperwork, or draft contracts. We do one thing, it is everything we do: we litigate.

And, we do it very well. Dan'L Bridges and Shellie McGaughey have litigated cases in every major county in the state (King, Pierce, Snohomish, Clark, Spokane) and most of the smaller ones (Cowlitz, Yakima, Island, Grays Harbor, Whatcom, Kitsap, Grays Harbor, Franklin, Benton, Skagit, Pacific).

We have a state wide reach and a state wide knowledge of litigation. Wherever your case may be, we can go there. And most likely, we already have been there.

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Because of our extensive experience trying cases, we understand what makes a compelling presentation. It enables us to work with our clients in every interaction, starting from the first client meeting to the eve of trial, to form a strategy for success in trial. Every member of the firm takes the same practical, cost-conscious approach to handling negligence and other liability disputes. When cases do go to trial, our attorneys are well known for their preparation, tenacity and imagination. MCBD’s attorneys pride themselves on the ability to handle complex matters cost-effectively by appropriately utilizing the firm’s extensive resources, including paralegals, trained support staff, sophisticated computer resources and state-of-the-art communications equipment. While our firm’s attorneys have diverse backgrounds and interests, we share a common strength in our proven litigation capability, comprehensive legal analysis and strong interest in litigation. MCBD attorneys are committed to providing first-rate and efficient legal services to our clients at competitive rates.

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