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Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct claims are unique from sexual harassment claims.  Sexual harassment claims arise out of employment.  However, not every wrong happens in the work place and not every attorney who handles employment based sexual harassment claims has the experience necessary to litigate a sexual misconduct claim.

We have seen a large increase in claims arising out of inappropriate sexual conduct (often allegations of touching) in the context of massage therapy, physical therapy, medical care, or even retail settings. These claims rely on new ways of using old laws, typically based on a failure of public accommodation.

We are actively litigating these claims.  Shellie McGaughey has a broad base of experience defending such claims.  Dan'L Bridges has experience bringing such claims.  They are complex, typically based on statute, and require both the ability to persuasively demonstrate the facts and a deep understanding of the law that applies.  We can do both.

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