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Premises Liability

Premises liability claims are based on an unsafe aspect of property that causes injury.  They can happen at private homes, businesses, and public areas.  Often they involve a person slipping or tripping on a hazard.  But, they can also take place because an aspect of a building (such as a deck) fails and a person is injured.

Both Shellie McGaughey and Dan'L Bridges have litigated a large number of premises liability cases.  Shellie's more often arise out of businesses.  Dan long represented the largest owner and manager of apartment complexes in the country and defended all of its litigation in the State of Washington.  Albeit more recently, Dan has transitioned to primarily bringing claims on behalf of injured people and has obtained many six figure settlements for them.

 As with many of these claims, a knowledge of both the law that applies and access to the right experts to evaluate the property and provide needed testimony is key.  We have a very deep well of experts and have litigated and made law on many aspects of this practice area.  There are many attorneys who litigate these claims.  But, not every attorney has the knowledge of building codes, construction techniques, and maintenance issues necessary to most effectively represent the client.

 We have litigated liability issues arising from the ownership and management of residential and commercial properties including private landowners, multiple housing complexes, office buildings, retailers and shopping centers. Our experience includes slip and falls, defective conditions, common area liability, security issues, playground accidents, and construction injuries.

 We have consistently been successful in both defending these claims for property owners and making them on behalf of injured people. As one example, Dan'L Bridges recently obtained a $1.8 million dollar result for a client who fell 15 feet to the concrete below when a deck rail guard failed. Below are pictures from that case showing the defect.

Inadequate hog wire fell out causing client to fall. We obtained a $1.8 million dollar recovery for our client
There are no lengths we will not go to in order to prove our client’s case. Here, we rebuilt a replica of the rail guard in order to test and demonstrates its weaknesses
Another six-figure successful outcome for our client. Photo Dan Bridges took showing handrail defectively constructed too close to wall that smashed client’s hand causing him to fall down stairs.

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