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Cease and Desist Letter to Bellevue School District Over Its Illegal Quarantine Order

Cease and desist letter to BSD
Cease and Desist Letter to Bellevue SD

WHITE PAPER: Opposition to Proposal to Eliminate Jury Trials In Favor of Internet/Zoom Trials.

The Washington Supreme Court published proposed rules to allow trial judges to unilaterally deny the right to a jury trial in favor of a Zoom trial.  While their good faith intention is accepted, in practice it will deprive maginalized individuals access to justice and harm equity, diversity, and inclusion.  Finally, even if none of those important values are concsidered, the simple fact is it would be a direct violation of the Constitutionally protected right to jury trial even in civil matters (under Washington's Constitution) and lead to incorrect and unfair result.

For our WHITE PAPER, follow this link.

Dan Bridges Comment to Zoom Video Trials
WHITE PAPER: Zoom Trials Deny Equal Justice

Referral Service Contingency Fees

Cease and desist letter to BSD
Cease and Desist Letter To Bellevue School District Over Illegal Quarantine Order

State Bar acknowledges inappropriate tactics against Dan Bridges

Civil Rules Drafting Work Group

Supreme Court Rule Publishing.pdf
Supreme Court Orders Proposed Rules Published

**The Supreme Court ordered published for comment proposed Civil Rule amendments to streamline and update discovery by the Civil Rules Drafting Work Group chaired by Partner Dan Bridges.  That Order is new and has not been posted yet by the Court.  You can read the Order with full proposed amendments by clicking the link immediately above. PAPER: Hope for those charged with sexual harassment: New law in Title IX matters

Zoom Deposition Guidelines

Access to patient medical records

Failings of Washington LLLT program

Dan Bridges, Washington State Bar Association Governor and Treasurer at staff event:Dan Bridges WSBA Governor and Treasurer

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